Bike Light Battery 8.4v Replacement Pack Screw-In Plug


Bike Light Battery 8.4v Replacement Pack Screw-In Plug

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Bike Light Battery ABS 8800mAh with Screw-In Plug

High Capacity allowing you to take Longer Rides

6400mAh It can Keep About 5 Hours or above for 1200 Lumen Bike Light in High Mode.
8.4 Volts DC Plug for Charging LED Bike Light
ABS polymer case to endure the toughest weather conditions and impact.
Save Time & Frustration Straps On In Seconds (No Tools Required)

Contains 4 x 3200mAh 18650 Cells
280.gms 50mm x 75mm


we have many other types including the big 10000mAh ABS all have the Push in plug or the Screw in plug

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