Bike Light Battery 6 Cell 18650
Bike Light Battery 6 Cell 18650
Bike Light Battery 6 Cell 18650
6 cell packable battery pack
Bike Light Battery 6 Cell 18650
Bike Light Battery 6 Cell 18650
bike light packable battery case

Bike Light Battery 6 Cell


This pack has 6 X 3000mAh 18650 Batteries

6 Pack or 4 Pack

When and if a battery cell dies just replace that cell



Bike Light Battery 6 Cell

This 18650 waterproof battery case is optimized on the basis of the traditional 18650 8.4V lithium battery pack. Filled with our own recycled and thoroughly tested cells all at least 3000mAh so that’s the same as our 10,000mAh battery packs.

This system has the following advantages:
1. Battery case has XP7 waterproof function.
2, with DC connector input, output voltage 8.4V. USB connector output voltage 5V, current 2A, with a charging function for the
3, with power display function.
(The battery needs to be aligned with the positive and negative terminals, otherwise, it will burn out the battery box)
Six battery box
Two interfaces, 8.4v can output input, 5v output, can be put into 18650 as a charger, can be used as a portable battery box,
charger, power supply for bicycle lights, USB light supply, etc.
Weight: 460gms With 6 X Samsung 35E Cells

Product specification:
1. Overcharge protection voltage: 8.4v
2. Over-discharge protection voltage: 5v/
3, current over discharge protection voltage: 9v
4, standby current: 10ua or less /
5, USB output standard voltage: 5v +/- 0.2
6, USB maximum output: 2000ma
colour: Black
Material: ABS
size: 11.5X8X5.7cm
Package Contents:
1 X 18650 battery box with 6 X 3000mAh cells


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