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6000Lums Cree Bike Light Full Set


New Stock Full Set

Packing content:
1 x CREE XM-L T6 LED Light unit 6000 lumens
1 x Adjustable headband
2 x Rubber rings for installation
1 x 8.4v 10,000mAh ABS Battery Pack
1 x NZ Charger


6000 Lumens 10,000mAh ABS Battery

Searching for the perfect biking light?

Look no further! The 6000 Lumens Bike Light from bikelights.nz is perfect for MTB riding and any outdoor activity that requires a good, Med-throw Wide Flood light. This battery pack is lightweight yet powerful – it has true 10,000mAh 10ah and includes six 3500mAh Samsung35E Lithium Ion Cells. That’s enough power to last throughout your longest night rides or fishing trips! Plus, you can mount the headlight on your bike bars or boat or your head – so versatile!

With the 6000 Lumens set, you won’t have to worry about losing visibility while in the wilderness. No matter what kind of terrain you are biking through or where you are traveling, this intense light will show you exactly what lies ahead with ease. Plus this set comes highly recommended by experienced fishermen and hunters who use them every day to navigate their way around obstacles.

Purchase your very own 6000 Lumens Bike Light from bikelights.nz now to fully enjoy all its features during your next outdoor adventure!

Detailed Specification:

Colour Grey/Silver
Lumens 6000
Battery 8.4V 1000mAh ABS Battery Pack
Mode High power, low, and flash
Dimming push-button switch
Material Aluminium alloy House
Finish Type II hard anodize
Lens Impact-resistant optical lens
Reflector Metal smooth reflector
Waterproof Aluminium alloy casing
Head Aluminium alloy bezel ring
Super bright T6 LED light.

Fully waterproof Aluminium Housing.
Real A grade 10,000mAh battery!
Long projection distance for excellent night vision
Lets you see the road as well as being hugely visible.
100 watts of light! What more do you need!
It comes with a headlight band and fixing rings

Run time 3.5 hours on HIGH

All weight includes the 1 Meter wire




6400mAh = 295gs

Packing content:

CREE XM-L T6 LED Light unit 6000 lumens
Adjustable headband
Rubber ring for installation
8.4v 1000mAh ABS Battery Pack
NZ Charger

Try not to store batteries when flat or fully charged

Not doing this will help the long life of your battery some customers say 7 years



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