Y Cable Connect Two Batteries to one Light

Y Cable Connect Two Batteries to one Light


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Length: Total 80cm Plug to Y 50cm Y to Plugs 30cm

Y Cable

” Y ” Cable Makes it possible to drive two batteries into one light.
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Product name: Y cable for bike light
Model Number: R&G YCABLE
Length: Total 80cm Plug to Y 50cm Y to Plugs 30cm
Feature: allows to connect two batteries to 1 Light
function: Longer power hours to light as coming from two batteries.

Buying only 1 front and 1 rear light? Look at the range at bikelights.nz many models that have the highest overall rewards.
The best solution – if you can afford it – is to use a pair of front lights and a pair of rear lights. Ideally one of each pair should be a light that scores well for steady mode at 0° (straight on), and the other a light that scores well for steady mode at 20° and 45°.
Backup lights
It’s also a good idea to keep backup lights somewhere handy so you can take them with you when you’re going out, in case you have a problem with your usual lights.
bikelights.nz also have Parts so you can buy Just a light and battery for you back up.
Your backups could be cheaper lights that have a reasonable overall score in our test plus a “lit area” – the area around your bike illuminated by your lights – that’s medium or large. (A small lit area is unlikely to be an issue with brighter bike lights but a larger lit area is helpful if the light’s less bright)
It’s also worth thinking about what sort of batteries will suit you best. The Range at bikelights.nz from 4400mAh ~ 10,000 mAh rechargeable – this is handy if you commute to and from work you might also like an extra Charger so that you can recharge at your workplace,
Don’t be left in the dark
New Zealand Bike light law
A bike used on the road must have a rear reflector that’s either yellow or red. If ridden at night, the bike must also have:
1 or 2 front lights (these can be white or yellow; only 1 of them can be a flashing light)
at least 1 rear light (a rear light must be red; it can be steady or flashing)
front and rear pedal reflectors (or other reflective items such as clothing).
Common sense always wins
The more visible and recognisable you are at night, the safer you are. This means using a combination of lights, reflectors, reflective clothing and bright colours that make you obvious in any conditions.
But does this mean the brightest lights are the best? Not necessarily. A light may be bright when seen from straight on, but not when seen at an angle – and many night-time accidents between bikes and cars happen side-on or at an angle rather than from directly in front or behind. So being visible from all angles is important.

The Best Light for You and Your Bike is a CREE LED and The Best Price is Here at bikelights.nz

We have been approved to supply these essential items. Thanks for shopping with us and stay safe be seen.