BLNZ2000LUM 10000mAh 6 LEDS


BLNZ2000LUM 10000mAh 6 LEDS


(3 LEDs are for high beam,

3 LEDs are for dipped beam)

solid Bike Bar mount included

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BLNZ2000LUM 10000mAh 6 LEDS

The BLNL2000LUM has an OLED display screen to show the power status and modes

you can choose to include a GoPro attachment on the selection when ordering

Working life 80,000 Hours Solid Aluminum Jacket

Battery Built-in 10000mAh  battery inside of Light.
Size 12*5.5*2.8cm. weight is 190g

Two Switch

One switch controls ‘high beam’, and another switch controls ‘dipped beam’.

Double click button and 6 LEDs will all power on.
Lumen 2000LM


High, medium, low, Flash, SOS
LED 6 x XPG LED (3 LEDs are for high beam, 3 LEDs are for dipped beam)

Charging method Type-C USB rechargeable

Thank you for viewing our products as we really do appreciate your visit we try very hard to get the best bike lights

furthermore finding at an affordable price while making sure we source high-capacity batteries so now you will not be left out in the dark.

The GoPro attachment is very useful for the user either on the bike bars or your helmet

The quick connect is also very helpful in allowing you to remove the light lighting fast securing the light is sometimes a must. also likes to offer a Group or club discount in way of a voucher code for clubs like the ACC Jafakids Totaro and so on

however, after 15 vouchers are used we also would offer products for giveaways in competitions and prizes.


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