Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you with this covid19 Corona virus making our life difficult.

At bikelights.nz, our first priority is the health and safety of our team and customers.

Contactless pick is available or just sit back and we will courier it to you free.

Yes you can now use your Totara Park Mountain Bike Club discount code.

Yes you are welcome to us your ACGMEETUP Voucher here at Bikelights.nz for your 15% discount and free shipping.

if you are having a problem with any product you buy from us we are more than happy for you to return it and we will check it for you free of charge, if it’s just a small repair like a wire come loose we will repair it for you and send it back it will just cost you the courier fee, any product found faulty will be replaced under the 12 month warranty terms and conditions.

Different lights have the different size battery they have been sorted so that you get about 3 to 4 hours however you can purchase a larger battery for your light if you wish.

We have the 4000 & 5000 Lumen light that we strongly recommend for mountain biking it gives you a long throw as well as a large blood allowing you to clearly see that overhead branches and trees heading your way these two lights are also aircraft aluminium lightweight specially designed for the purpose.

Please send us your old batteries it doesn’t matter what make we can send them for recycling this includes all bike light batteries and computer laptop batteries.

if you need to store your batteries for long period of time charge between 40 to 80% then they can be stored for as long as you need to store them otherwise top them up each time that you have used them.

Full sets are just that they include:

Battery Charger

Head Harness the also includes the Mounting adapter for your helmet Please use Plastic Ties



Battery Pack

We source our lights it’s directly from the manufacturer, we also avoid using large boxes full of polystyrene.

You receive your product and in a box suitable to it size, this saves You the customer on courier cost, import shipping cost, packing as well as other expenses.

We also do NOT make an excessive profit, pretty simple.

Ok here we go again, we can still supply you with a bike light in this lockdown. no pickups at this time
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